Sometimes life throws you curve balls. Real estate is no different.

The uncertainty may feel scary, but you're not alone - you WILL get through this. These free resources will help you understand what the market is doing, how to respond with a plan of action and move forward with confidence.

Commercial Real Estate Coaching Calls

How to Negotiate Strategically

with Patricia Lynn, CCIM

In this FREE Q & A Training you’ll get a glimpse into how to strategically apply the CCIM Interest-based Negotiations Model to your most challenging business or personal transactions so you can have clarity and negotiate with confidence.


CCIM Analysis for Multifamily Deals

with Helen Chong, CCIM

Getting started with multifamily investment property can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

With our upcoming coaching call, you can learn about the critical skills and game-changing strategies needed to help you start closing lucrative multifamily deals.

How to Sell Real Estate During a Global Pandemic

by Dan Del Real

What's the Real Estate Market Doing?

Want to learn about what the real estate market is doing and how to respond? The Dan Del Real Show is the place to be to learn about real estate, plan to move forward with confidence and get a behind the scenes look at what's happening in Merced, California.


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